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Latest EMC EMCIE E20-393 pdf

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Questions about E20-393 exam – Dell Community: https://www.dell.com/community/Education-Services/Questions-about-E20-393-exam/td-p/7177242

Test your EMC EMCIE E20-393 exam level


How long will a Copy Back operation take when a hot spare is invoked? 

A. Pro-Active hot spare does not use a Copy Back operation 

B. Copy Back time depends on the RAID type 

C. Copy Back time depends on the disk capacity 

D. Copy Back time depends on the disk type 

Correct Answer: B 

Note: Starting with Release 24, you can now use a proactive hot spare for proactive disk replacement. Before Release

24 you had to remove the physical disk to replace in order to force a rebuild. During the rebuild phase, the RAID group 

was “degraded” and at risk. 


Three main benefits of using a proactive hot spare: 

Avoiding “uncorrectable errors” due to media problems during the rebuild process. 

Greatly reduce the risk of having a degraded RAID group, and the risk of having a double-faulted RAID group. 

Performance – a copy to hot spare is faster than a normal rebuild. 

References: https://community.emc.com/docs/DOC-9419 


When the LUN Snapshot Restore operation is performed, what does the Unity system automatically do before beginning

the restoration process? 

A. Detaches the hosts from the snapshot 

B. Creates a copy of the snapshot 

C. Detaches the host from the LUN 

D. Creates a snapshot of the LUN 

Correct Answer: B 


On which platform(s) is FAST Cache available? 

A. All Flash Unity systems only 

B. Physical Unity systems only 

C. Unity hybrid systems only 

D. Physical and UnityVSA systems 

Correct Answer: C 

References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/white-papers/h15084-dell-emc-unity-introduction-to-the-platform.pdf 


Which severity level alerts for a fault condition that has occurred, has minor impact on the system, and does not need to

be fixed immediately? 

A. Critical 

B. Notice 

C. Error 

D. Warning 

Correct Answer: D 

Event Severity levels are: critical, error, warning, info. 


What is a use case for Thin Clones? 

A. Primary production 

B. Development and testing 

C. Offline backup 

D. Data archiving 

Correct Answer: B 

Reference: https://www.dellemc.com/resources/en-us/asset/white-papers/products/storage/h15089-dell-emc-unity-snapshots-and-thin-clones.pdf (25) 


What is the correct method to initiate a Dell EMC Unity power down sequence? 

A. Use the uemcli halt command 

B. Switch both Standby Power Supplies to OFF 

C. Execute Shut Down Storage System in Unisphere Service tasks 

D. Click the Shut Down button in Unisphere system view 

Correct Answer: C 

Reference: https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu69355.pdf 


Which FAST Cache operation proactively copies dirty pages to underlying hard disk drives? 

A. FAST Cache flushing 

B. FAST Cache promotion 

C. FAST Cache warming 

D. FAST Cache cleaning 

Correct Answer: A 


In UnityVSA, what is the maximum storage capacity offered by the VVOLs license? 

A. 4TB 

B. 10TB 

C. 25TB 

D. 50TB 

Correct Answer: D 

UnityVSA maximum Usable Capacity is4 TB (Community Edition); 10 TB; 25 TB; and 50 TB licenses available. 

References: https://store.emc.com/se/Product-Family/EMC-Unity-Products/EMC-Unity-VSA/p/EMC-Unity-Virtual-Storage-Appliance 


Asynchronous remote replication is configured for a NAS Server and its associated file systems. What operations can

be performed to make data available if the primary site goes down? 

A. Failover operation on the NAS Server session, then a Failover operation on each of the file system sessions 

B. Failover with Sync operation on each of the file system sessions, then a Failover with Sync operation on the NAS

Server session. 

C. Failover operation on each of the file system session, then a Failover operation on the NAS Server session. 

D. Failover with Sync operation on the NAS Server session, then a Failover with Sync operation on each of the file

system sessions. 

Correct Answer: A 


Which FAST VP operation can be performed from the System Settings window? 

A. Modify data relocation schedule 

B. Delete snapshots from the tier 

C. Cancel data relocation operations 

D. Manually start data relocation 

Correct Answer: A 


Match each integrated ESRS characteristic with its attribute. 

Select and Place:lead4pass e20-393 exam question q11

Correct Answer:

lead4pass e20-393 exam question q11-1

At which stage in the Unity power up sequence would the Storage Processor enter Service mode upon detecting an
A. After the CMI is started
B. Bootflash
Correct Answer: C
Note: Boot counters are a troubleshooting mechanism that is designed into the Unity architecture to help pinpoint the
specific cause of software or hardware events during the boot sequence. If the Unity system detects a problem with
software or hardware components, its corresponding Boot Counter is incremented. If a counter reaches a predefined
threshold, the SP boots into Service Mode during its next boot cycle.
References: https://www.emc.com/collateral/TechnicalDocument/docu69328.pdf (page 12)

Under what conditions should fully provisioned storage be recommended?
A. Storage objects subject to snapshots
B. Workloads requiring high throughput
C. Workloads requiring high bandwidth
D. Storage objects subject to replication
Correct Answer: D

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