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A network architect is asked to design and manage geographically distributed data centers across cities and decides to
use a Multi-Site Orchestrator deployment.
How many orchestrators should be deployed?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 4
D. 2
Correct Answer: B

Which product includes prebuilt templates that can be used to customize fabric deployments?
A. Cisco Tetration
B. Cisco Data Center Network Manager
C. Cisco ACI
D. Cisco UCS Manager
Correct Answer: B

What is the benefit of adding Cisco HyperFlex Hardware Acceleration Cards to a HyperFlex deployment?
A. increased compression efficiency
B. increased network throughput
C. GPU acceleration
D. offline encryption acceleration
Correct Answer: A

When the default firmware package is set to a new version, which type of policy determines the liming of server reboots
during the firmware upgrade?
A. diagnostics
B. maintenance
C. local disk
Correct Answer: B

A host in EPG Client wants to talk to a webserver in EPG Web. A contract with default settings is defined between EPG
Client and EPG Web, which allows TCP communication initiated by the client toward the webserver with TCP
destination port 80.
Which statement is true?
A. If EPG Web is made a preferred group member, a contract between EPG Client and EPG Web is no longer required
for the host in EPG Client to reach the webserver in EPG Web.
B. If vzAny is configured to consume and provide a “deny all” contract, traffic between EPG Client and EPG Web is no
longer allowed.
C. The host in EPG Client can connect to TCP destination port 80 on the webserver in EPG Web. The web server will
not be able to initiate a separate TCP connection to a host port with TCP source port 80.
D. The host in EPG Client can connect to TCP destination port 80 on the webserver in EPG Web. The webserver can
initiate a separate TCP connection to a host port with TCP source port 80.
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q6 lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q6-1

Which statement about the default gateway configuration of the vPC is true?
A. Either switch can act as the active default gateway.
B. N7K-1 acts as the default gateway for all traffic.
C. N7K-2 forwards traffic that is destined for the default gateway by using the peer link.
D. N7K-2 acts as the default gateway for all traffic.
Correct Answer: A

Which two hypervisors does Cisco HyperFlex support? (Choose two.)
A. OpenStack
B. Citrix XenServer
C. VMware vSphere
D. RedHat KVM
E. Microsoft Hyper-V
Correct Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q8

Which two Cisco UCS components are upgraded as a result of the configuration? (Choose two.)
B. Cisco UCS Manager
C. board controller
D. adapters
Correct Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit

lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q9 lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q9-1

Why does the Python code for Cisco NX-API print an error message?
A. The JSON is not a supported format for the NX-API.
B. The “type” is wrong in the header of the request and should be “cli_conf”
C. NX-API do not allow configuration for features via the requests module.
D. The “type” is wrong in the body of the request and should be “cli_conf”
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 350-601 exam questions q10

What is configured as a result of running these commands?
A. loose unicast RPF
B. strict unicast RPF
C. IP Source Guard
D. reverse lookup for outbound packets
Correct Answer: B

Which virtual MAC address is the default for HSRP version 2 group 10?
A. 0000.5E00.0110
B. 0000.0C9F.F00A
C. 3716.1350.1C0A
D. 0000.0C9F.F010
Correct Answer: B

Which two items are required components of VN-Link in software? (Choose two.)
C. vPC
Correct Answer: BD
The Cisco Nexus 1000V Series consists of two main types of components that can virtually emulate a 66-slot modular
Ethernet switch with redundant supervisor functions:
Virtual Ethernet module (VEM)-data plane: This lightweight software component runs inside the hypervisor. It enables
advanced networking and security features perform switching between directly attached virtual machines, provides
uplink capabilities to the rest of the network, and effectively replaces the vSwitch. Each hypervisor is embedded with
one VEM. Virtual supervisor module (VSM)-control plane: This standalone, external, physical or virtual appliance is
responsible for the configuration, management, monitoring, and diagnostics of the overall Cisco Nexus 1000V Series
system (that is, the
combination of the VSM itself and all the VEMs it controls) as well as the integration with VMware vCenter. A single
VSM can manage up to 64 VEMs. VSMs can be deployed in an active-standby model, helping ensure high availability.

Which two components should be checked when a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch fails to boot using POAP? (Choose
A. POAP feature license
B. DHCP server to bootstrap IP information
C. image noted in the script file against switch bootflash
D. script signed with a security key
E. TFTP server that contains the configuration script
Correct Answer: BE

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