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latest updated NetApp NS0-002 exam questions and answers

What are two benefits of implementing NetApp Cloud Sync? (Choose two.)
A. to leverage native SnapMirror technology to retain storage efficiencies
B. to consolidate storage management into one administrative tool
C. to automate data migration processes, on-premises or to the cloud
D. to provide a secure data synchronization service
Correct Answer: CD


OnCommand Cloud Manager would be used to manage which three NetApp storage resources? (Choose three.)
A. NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF)
B. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. NetApp StorageGRID
D. NetApp Private Storage (NPS)
E. NetApp HCI
Correct Answer: ABD


Which three Element software global efficiencies are always active? (Choose three.)
A. quality of service
B. redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID)
C. thin provisioning
D. data deduplication
E. data compression
Correct Answer: CDE


Which tool would be used to allocate additional storage to your NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP clusters?
A. OnCommand Cloud Manager
B. Cloud Insights
C. OnCommand Unified Manager
D. Cloud Sync
Correct Answer: A


You are asked to ensure that OnCommand Cloud Manager automatically provisions additional storage for your Cloud
Volumes ONTAP system.
Which OnCommand Cloud Manager feature enables you to accomplish this task?
A. WORM storage
B. advanced allocation
C. automatic capacity management
D. data tiering
Correct Answer: C


What are two reasons to enable high availability? (Choose two.)
A. performance management
B. fault tolerance
C. nondisruptive operation
D. load balancing
Correct Answer: BC


Which Cisco-validated design (CVD) is built upon the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS), the Cisco Nexus
family of switches, and NetApp storage controllers (FAS or AFF)?
A. FlexPod
C. E-Series
D. StorageGRID
Correct Answer: A


Which three topics does data compliance cover? (Choose three.)
A. business policies
B. cloud provider policies
C. hardware lifecycle management
D. legal requirements
E. regulatory requirements
Correct Answer: BCD


What are three NetApp ONTAP storage efficiencies? (Choose three.)
A. compression
B. thin provisioning
C. quality of service
D. deduplication
E. audit logs
Correct Answer: ABD


Which NetApp cloud technologies would be deployed using OnCommand Cloud Manager? (Choose two.)
A. Cloud Backup Service
B. Cloud Volumes ONTAP
C. Cloud Sync
D. Cloud Volumes Services
Correct Answer: BD

Which two technologies enable business continuity during a site failure? (Choose two.)
A. StorageGRID
B. Snapshot copies
C. MetroCluster
D. SnapLock
Correct Answer: BC


Which data protection law is enforced by the European Union?
A. EU — US Privacy
B. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
C. Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protect (CCSPDP)
D. Ibero — American Data Protection Network (RIPD)
Correct Answer: B


Your existing virtual environment is stored on a NetApp AFF array. You want to reduce the capacity utilization on this
array while taking advantage of highly scalable cloud storage.
Which ONTAP feature should you enable to satisfy these requirements?
A. FlexCache
B. FabricPool
C. FlexClone
D. StorageGRID
Correct Answer: C

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