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Latest Updates NetApp NS0-509 Exam Practice Questions and Answers


A customer\’s Red Hat Linux 7.0 server\’s Linux native DM-MP settings for multi pa thing have not been set correctly.
In this scenario, what would cause this problem?
A. The multi path, conf file contains the blacklist stanza;
B. Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) is not enabled.
C. The rdloaddriver=scsi_dh_alua was not added to the end of the boot loader file.
D. The incorrect WWID was added to the multipath.conf file.

Correct Answer: D


Click the Exhibit button.

examvcesuite ns0-509 q2

Referring to the exhibit, which two elements are required for NVMe host access with ONTAP 9.5 and using supported
AFF nodes? (Choose two.)
A. You need 16 Gb FC HBAs installed in the AFF nodes.
B. You must have the license installed for NVMe support in the cluster.
C. You must have the license installed for FC support in the cluster.
D. You need 32 Gb FC HBAs installed in the AFF nodes.

Correct Answer: CD



examvcesuite ns0-509 q3

You are adding a boot LUN for a new server. The server uses FCP attached through a CN The ONTAP cluster is also
attached to the same fabric by way of UTA2. You configure the zoning for the fabric as shown in the exhibit. You
that the server cannot see its boot LUN.
What is the problem with your zoning configuration?
A. The zone set must have the same name as the zone.
B. The zone was not activated.
C. The zone used a wrong zone ID.
D. The WWPN for the NetApp LIF is incorrect.

Correct Answer: D


You are configuring both NVMe and FC on the same AFF A700 2-node ONTAP 9.5 cluster. You are also configuring
both protocols on the same FC fabric using the same A700 HBA ports. In this scenario, which three configurations are
supported? (Choose three.)
A. 16 GB HBAs
B. 8 GB HBAs
C. 16 GB fabrics
D. 32 GB HBAs
E. 32 GB fabrics

Correct Answer: BCD


Click the Exhibit button.

examvcesuite ns0-509 q5

A customer has an AFF A700 connected to a Cisco switch and has verified connectivity but cannot see any LUNs. The
customer issued the run -node scaling-01 -command fcp topology show command to verify the connection. Referring to
the exhibit, what needs to be enabled on the Cisco switch?
A. Trunking needs to be enabled.
B. VSAN needs to be enabled.
C. NPIV needs to be enabled.
D. VFC needs to be enabled.

Correct Answer: D


An administrator is configuring their Ethernet switches to support an AFF A300 cluster that will be providing iSCSI LUNs
to servers. The switches are also used for other traffic from various hosts.
In this scenario, which statement about the switch configuration is correct?
A. Use a larger MTU size at the SAN connection rather than the host connections to allow for greater SAN bandwidth.
B. Use network ports as access ports only.
C. Use multiple VLANs to segregate iSCSI traffic from other traffic types
D. Use a single VLAN to consolidate all data traffic on the switches.

Correct Answer: A


You recently bought a FAS8200 series with SAS drives and want to maximize data efficiencies. Performance is not a
primary Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. Enable both inline and post-process efficiencies.
B. Enable always-on compaction.
C. Enable always-on deduplication.
D. Enable compression.

Correct Answer: AC


Click the Exhibit button.

examvcesuite ns0-509 q8

You notice that your volume named vol1 has a temporary volume that is doubling the space that is used by the volume.
In this scenario, which operation caused the volume to take up twice the space?
A. FlexClone
B. SnapRestore
C. FlexGroup
D. SnapMirror

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://community.netapp.com/t5/Data-ONTAP-Discussions/Volume-takes-much-more-space-thanexpected/td-p/100619


Which two scenarios in deploying ONTAP Cloud are supported by the Cloud Manager tool? (Choose two.)
A. ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on IBM Cloud
B. ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on VMware
C. ONTAP Cloud deployed as a single instance on Microsoft Azure
D. ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on Amazon Web Services

Correct Answer: CD


An administrator is migrating from a third-party\’s SAN to a newly purchased FAS9000. The administrator decides to
use the NetApp Foreign LUN Import (FL1) process. What must the administrator do for this process to work properly?
A. Create multiple groups for the Initiator ports.
B. Create six distinct zones that include specific ports within each zone.
C. Zone target ports of source storage with initiator ports of destination storage.
D. Make the destination LUN larger than the foreign LUN.

Correct Answer: C


Changes to your organization require access to an SVM be given to a group of individuals. Your company uses Active
Directory as a method of access control. You decide to use the security login create -server egg cluster – user-or group name CORP\Admins -application ssh -auth method domain -role vsadmin command.
In this scenario, which access rights will this command grant?
A. read-only rights to the SVM engCluster for Active Directory group CORP
B. vsadmin rights to the SVM engCluster for Active Directory group CORP\Admins
C. vsadmin rights to the SVM CORP for Active Directory group CORP\Admins
D. vsadmin rights to the SVM engCluster for Active Directory group CORP

Correct Answer: B


You are setting up FC ports and must configure the speeds for both the SAN and the host ports. In this scenario, which the statement is correct?
A. Set the target port speed higher than the switch port speed.
B. Set the target port speed to auto-negotiation.
C. Set the target port speed to match the switch port speed.
D. Set the target port speed lower than the switch port speed.

Correct Answer: B


You deployed a new SVM for FC access, and you used the server for, create -server svm1 – status-admin up
command to enable FC service on the SVM. You then created the LIFs for the FC protocol. When you review the status
of the LIFs, they show that the admin status is up, but the operational status is down. You have already verified that the
ports are physically connected.
In this scenario, what is the next step to bring the LIFs up?
A. Use the network interface to modify command to change the operational status of the LIFs.
B. Create at least one zone that contains your SVM LIF WWPNs and an initiator.
C. Verify that an FC license is applied to your system.
D. Disable the SAN switch port where your NetApp storage is connected.

Correct Answer: B

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