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Which of these determines the specific role for each codec?
A. the firmware
B. wiring position
C. software revision
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration
Correct Answer: B

You want to reconfigure the H.323 and SIP settings using the remote control on the Cisco TelePresence Codec C90. Which menu allows you to do this?
A. Audio input levels
B. IP settings
C. Advanced configuration
D. Protocol configuration
Correct Answer: C

What do you need to do before an endpoint can place or receive H.323 calls using a URI address?
A. Register the endpoint to the SIP server.
B. Register the endpoints to the gatekeeper.
C. Register the endpoint to the gateway.
D. Register the endpoint to the Cisco TelePresence MCU.
Correct Answer: B

When using the TX9000 AV expansion box, how many total video output signals can be obtained using a single video input? 500-005 dumps
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
E. five
F. six
Correct Answer: D

Which device is connected to the TX9000 AV expansion box for video input?
A. presentation (TS4) codec
B. collaboration/presentation display
C. center (TS1) codec
D. built-in video splitter
E. left (TS2) and right (TS3) codec
Correct Answer: A

Using the following table, correctly identify the location of each component.
Where is each component located?
Hot Area:
500-005 dumps
Correct Answer:
500-005 dumps
Which three components does the LCU control? (Choose three.)
A. the lighting fixture power
B. the primary codec AV input controls
C. the projector
D. the room HVAC controls
E. the LCD settings
F. the PTZ camera controls
G. the yaw of the camera cluster
Correct Answer: ACE

From where does the LCU receive its instructions?
A. Cisco TelePresence Touch 12 screen
B. center (TS1) codec
C. left (TS2) codec
D. right (TS3) codec
E. presentation (TS4) codec
Correct Answer: B

If the user purchases the Cisco TelePresence Touch panel, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 500-005 dumps
A. Both the TRC5 remote control and the Touch panel can be used simultaneously.
B. Either the TRC5 remote control or the Touch panel can be used, but not both simultaneously.
C. The Touch panel should be used to make calls, but the TRC5 remote control should be used to configure the unit.
D. The web interface can be used to configure the unit.
Correct Answer: BD

Which statement is true regarding passwords on a Cisco TelePresence MX, EX, C Series, or SX20 device?
A. The device ships from factory with the admin account enabled, with no password.
B. The device ships from factory with the admin account enabled, with a default password of CISCO.
C. The device ships from factory with the admin account enabled, with a default password of TANDBERG.
D. The device ships from factory with the root account enabled, with no password.
Correct Answer: A

Which TX9000 display choice is best for reducing possible issues with viewing angles for conference participants?
B. plasma
Correct Answer: B

Which of these must be enabled to set up a Cisco TelePresence soft client (such as Cisco Jabber or Movi) on a Cisco TelePresence VCS Expressway Starter Pack?
B. H.323
C. interworking
D. Multiway
Correct Answer: A

Which two factors are crucial to the immersive Cisco TelePresence experience? (Choose two.)
A. aesthetics
B. acoustics
C. room shape
D. number of windows
E. number of active participants
F. ceiling height
Correct Answer: AB

The control cable for the 42-inch Auto Collaboration display connects to which component?
A. PS1 codec
B. presentation codec
D. AV expansion box
Correct Answer: C

While on a call, using the remote control, how do you add an additional participant to a call on your MultiSite-enabled endpoint?
A. Press the Home button to return to the menu, and select the Add Participant button.
B. Press and hold the End Call key to bring up the dialing menu.
C. Press and hold the Call key to bring up the dialing menu.
D. Press the Call key, and choose or dial the number of the additional participant.
Correct Answer: D

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